Sweetpotatoes Stewed in Lemon Juice with Cinnamon

Autumn is the harvest season, in which sweetpotatoes and pumpkins come to night. Sweetpotatoes in particular can be made into a rather sweet dish, so you won't need dessert (right?).


1.Wash an ordinary sweetpotato. Never mind whether Japanese sweetpotatoes are true sweetpotatoes or actually yams. If you know you are going to cram your finished sweetpotatos into a small lunchbox, select a skinny one.



2.Slice the sweetpotato into rings and soak to minimize the natural toxins.



3.Add the sweetpotatoes, "mirin" sweet cooking wine, a few drops of regular salty cooking wine, lemon juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg to a skillet. I always use real "mirin," never imitation. This is because my mother taught me to go for the real deal every time. I also like to add a touch of coconut butter for added flavor. I love coconut!



4.Put on the lid and cook on medium. If you leave the burner on high, the sweetpotatoes will disintegrate.



5.Once the liquid has boiled off it's ready to serve!



☆A Little Extra!☆

You can stew pumpkin (OK, Japanese kabocha squash) in lemon juice as well. Squash doesn't need to have the toxins soaked out, so it's even easier to cook.


See how quick and easy it is?


This year promote the star vegetables of the fall season to the main part of your meal, instead of banishing them to dessert!